Planning your Project

PLANNING YOUR PROJECT: Planning your project includes only a few simple steps. Please read the instructions and you will be able to plan your new kitchen yourself. If you still have any questions contact us through the Contact page.

Looking for cabinet doors, but don’t know what size to order?

You should measure the opening of the cabinet for each door. Add the amount of overlay (how much does the cabinet door cover the face frame) you desire. Our standard hinges utilize a 1/2" overlay. That means that the cabinet door is 1/2" bigger on all 4 sides around the existing opening. In other words the cabinet door is 1" wider and 1" taller than the cabinet opening. An overlay cabinet door means that the door lies on top of the cabinet, not inset into the cabinet.

Does your cabinet door have an inset?

We have to know how much of an inset it is. What is the measurement from the outside of your door in to where the inset stops? How far does the inset come down into your door? In other words, is it inset 3/8" wide by 3/8" deep? This is the most common inset used. This also is our standard, non-specified inset cabinet door. We need to have this information to build your cabinet doors to your specifications, and so it will fit properly into your cabinets. If you need inset doors, select the inset profile, and order the door by the outside dimensions including the overlay.

What type of cabinet doors are you looking for?

We make a few different types. We make a veneered wood flat cabinet door. We also make solid wood framed panel doors. Some have a flat recessed panel and some have a solid wood raised panel. The raised panel doors are either squared off (Boston style) or have an arch (Harvard Manor) on top of them. Our cabinet doors are also available with a clear acrylic panel, instead of a wood panel.

Are you looking to replace your hinges?

We stock a number of different types of hinges. The old standard hinge we sell is a 1/2" overlay in Burnished Brass. We also stock this type of hinge in other finishes. In addition we stock "European" or "hidden" hinges. These are inserted into the cabinet door and are attached to the face frame of your cabinet, so they are hidden from the outside view of your cabinets.

Hinges are sold separately.

They are not attached to the cabinet doors. This makes shipping easier. If your cabinets use a knife hinge, you must cut the cabinet door yourself in place to where the hinge would be. If you buy the hidden hinges that we sell, we will machine out the space for the hinges in the usual placement area. If you do not need hinges, we will ship your cabinet doors without any hinge placement.

All our cabinet doors are shipped unfinished.

They are hand sanded but usually they need to be lightly sanded again because the grain can lift slightly before they arrive at your door. We recommend a quality paint store should be able to satisfy your staining questions. If you have a question you can call or email us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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